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"You've Got to be Kidding Me" was penned by Susie, on a sunny Tennessee afternoon! While sitting on a riding mower, she was looking out towards the Smoky Mountains and saw the animals grazing on the hill.  It was an amazing site!  She took a look at their life and said "You've Got to be Kidding Me"!  She sent the lyrics to their dear friend Michael Teague who put it to music, then sent the song to Lisa Harrington who stole photos from Susie's Facebook and made this video!  We hope you enjoy this glimpse into Rowdy Dogs Farm!
Our dear friend Peter Slack came and spent a few days with us here at RDF!  What an absolute honor to have him
shoot this special video for us.  It really captures what it
is like here at Rowdy Dogs Farm!  Thanks Peter!  
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