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Jackpot is a very special part of the Rowdy Dogs Farm family. He is the first farm animal that started our growing menagerie. He was given to us as a gift in 2015 from a dear friend and neighbor, John Owens. John saw him tied to a tree a few miles up the road. He went and spoke to the man whose property he was on and asked if the donkey was for sale. The man said " For 50 bucks you can have him. If you want him to do what you say, just smack him on the side of the head!"... Needless to say Jackpot would never be treated like that again. He is spoiled with love and attention at our farm. He does have a very important job to do and that is being a Guard Donkey. To date he has scared of two coyotes and keeps an watchful eye on his sheep friends! He has a beautiful pasture to roam in with Shorty, our miniature horse, and five of his sheep pals. It didn't take long for all of us to become fast friends. Jackpot gets his morning treats of apples and carrots and in return we are greeted with his awesome donkey bray. Jackpot is about 7 1/2 years old. He is now enjoying a bit of notoriety and even has friends from California coming to visit him!  

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