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 Smokey is the sweetest dog in Tennessee! At least we think so. He turned five years old on April 11, 2017. He is a blue merle Australian Shepherd with a gigantic heart of gold. He is the wisest and the most well-behaved out of the bunch. When Smokey was a puppy he loved getting into trouble chewing shoes, digging holes and doing what all puppies love to do...terrorize the house! At the same time we had a 14 year old Aussie named Hank who was having a tough time getting accustomed to a new rowdy puppy in the house. One of the best investments my husband and I ever made was taking Smokey to Sue Myles for professional dog training. This is where both Smokey and I learned about boundaries, bonding, training with love and what all dogs really need .. A JOB to do!!!

 After falling in love with Smokey's temperament and personality we became sold on the breed of dog. We were very lucky to meet up with a lovely lady by the name of Judy Chard.  She is the owner of a Hall of Fame  Kennel  in La Habra, California named  Casa Blanca Australian Sheppards . 

 Judy has been involved with the breed for over 40 years and has a long list of award winning agility and show dogs.  We are so blessed to have Smokey as the #1 Rowdy Dog in our family. He continues to bring joy each and every day with his playful spirited ways.  

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