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Shorty is our miniature horse that my husband and I adopted in 2015. We weren't exactly shopping around for one but a neighbor said "Buddy" was looking for a home. We drove to Greenville, Tennessee and met a lovely lady who introduced us to him. Our dear friend Sheila was nice enough to trailer him to his new home here at Rowdy Dogs Farm. We are not sure of his exact age but guessing he is around 5 years old. When we first met Shorty he was a tad shy. He had to learn to get along with Jackpot , the sheep  and the dogs who like to go up to the pasture for a visit.  It didn't take long for his  true personality to come shinning through. He brings a little attitude to the farm and a whole lot of love. Once standoffish and a bit cocky he  has since mellowed out quite a bit . Getting neutered certaintly helped with that. He loves his morning treats of apples and bananas . He even will lets us give him a hug and  brush him .  Shorty loves standing by the gate outside our kitchen window. Many times he just stands there and stares hoping he can guilt us into coming outside and saying hi! He is the first to greet us in the morning and the last to say goodnight.  It wouldn't be the same without " The Shortster" here at Rowdy Dogs Farm.

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