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My husband and I first met Ellie about 5 years ago. She was a well loved outdoor farm cat who belonged to our previous renters.  When we moved from California in June of 2014 Ellie became a permanent part of the family. Although still living outside it wasn't until we took her to the vet to get her spayed that her living arrangements changed.  The doctor said she needed to be kept inside for a few days to heal and the rest is history.  She now resides inside approximately 99.9% of the time . She still will sneak out in the morning when we intentionally leave the kitchen sliding glass door cracked open. She is a very sweet and unassuming cat who loves sitting on my husbands lap.  She is also very tolerant of the dogs who tend to treat her like one of the gang.  We are very grateful that Ellie's original owners thought it best to leave her in familiar surroundings.  You will find her curled up on a kitchen chair enjoying a little piece and quiet during the day. Although we are not fond off her second place to lay she stills finds away up there.  Aside from knocking over my bird cage that housed 3 finches and letting them go free the day we arrived in Tennessee, she is simply an angel of a cat! 

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