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Bella will be four years old on November 11, 2017. When my husband and I left California in 2014 we packed our belongs and headed out on an adventure of a lifetime. Bella had never been in a car longer than an hour, let alone 2,222 miles across the country.  Let's just say at four months old she began her role as the boss in the family. Her nickname was given to her by our dear friend Erin and it fits her feisty but loving attitude perfectly.  Bella was the first one to leap the creak on our property and do it in quite the flying fashion. Bella loves kids and will lick their face non stop if you let her. Bella is not afraid to conquer anything. She befriended a 600 lb Donkey methodically and patiently. She taught Jackpot how to be friends with her. Witty and smart she won him over and they both learned to trust each other. Bella had very lovingly adopted a little baby robin that we rescued a few years back. Loo and Bella had a very special bond that was something you would have to see to believe. For 36 days they were never apart except when Loo had to sleep at night. Bella is an awesome guard dog and keeps patrol around the house.  She also thinks she is a lap dog and when inside makes her way up on the top of the couch or on our laps.  

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