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Never In My Wildest Dreams.... 

On February 12th,Lloyd and I got a call from our neighbor asking if we were interested in a 3 month old Pygmy goat.That same day we went and picked up the little fella who we named John Henry, after our beloved friend John Owens.Knowing they are pack animals and needing companionship, we searched for a few days on the internet to locate some additional goats.We asked a few people around town and the local farm Co-op. As luck would have it a friend reached out to me and told me about a neighbor (Mr. Lane) who had some . I gave him a call and he shared with me that he had nine pet goats and was willing to sell me one of his nanny goats. After a short discussion Mr. Lane and I agreed I could pick up John Henry's mate in a week or so. A day later I got a call that would soon turn our lives into quite an adventure. Mr.Lane gave me an offer that I just couldn't pass up. All nine goats for a price that was "unherd" of! After picking my husband up off the floor he agreed to my newest undertaking.  It has been almost two months since adding the goats to our farm. We are a work in progress and continue to learn about having these amazing four legged friends as pets.Everday we get to learn more about their personalities. There are bossy ones, shy ones and very loving ones. We are so blessed to have these goats as a part of our ever growing hobby farm. Who knows... Maybe one day we will have a goat yoga class at Rowdy Dogs Farm.... Wink wink. 

The Goat Wranglers

John Henry and Stella

Mr. Lane

Black Jack and Marie

The Animal cracker dance ...

Lil' Stinker JH

Morning greeting

Apple pie (Raspberry)and Strawberry....Mom and Daughter

Free ranging chicks 

A free for all...

a break in the rain

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